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About Me - 履歷

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樂愉在英國留學其間已經嶄露頭角,獲邀於英國Revelation TV作獨奏演出。她曾與戴維斯、艾爾達 、嘉特拿、比洛克及蒂勒曼等世界級指揮合作,分別於倫敦伊利沙伯女皇音樂廳和西敏寺進行演奏。現時回港積極演奏,為香港的觀眾帶來出色的雙簧管表演。


樂愉現時為香港多間中小學的雙簧管導師,包括聖保羅男女中學附屬小學、 聖士提反書院附屬小學 、保良局蔡繼有學校和聖保羅書院。除學校以外,也私人教授雙簧管課程。




  • 皇家音樂學院音樂碩士(優異),主修雙簧管演奏

  • 專業雙簧管教育文憑

  • 英國皇家音樂學院獎學金

  • 怡和基金獎學金

  • 師從啟蒙老師陳國昌、恩師姚桑林、Celia Nicklin 和 Melanie Ragge



Cecilia is currently a freelance guest oboist in Hong Kong Sinfonietta. During the past three years, she worked with Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra as a guest principal oboist. In 2018, Berlin Philharmonic called for guest players all over the world to perform in their annual open day. Cecilia was one of two Hong Kongers elected to perform on the stage with Sir Simon Rattle, one of the most renowned conductors in the world.

Cecilia has already demonstrated incredible musical talents when she studied in UK for her Master in Royal Academy of Music. She was invited to perform as a soloist on Revelation TV in New Malden. As an orchestral player, she colaborated with worldclass conductors like Sir Colin Davis, Sir Mark Elder, Edward Gardner, Trevor Pinnock and Christian Thielemann in Queen Elizabeth Hall and Westminster Abbey. She is now returning to Hong Kong, aiming to bring high-quality oboe performances to local audiences.


Cecilia teaches oboe in top primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, including St. Paul Co-educational College Primary School, St. Stephen’s College Preparatory School, Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School and St. Paul’s College. Besides school teaching, she also offers private oboe lessons.

Cecilia is also enthusiast in children music developments, for example, music dramas. In 2019, she directed a concert that combines children drama with classical music. The drama was performed by Cecilia's students in Wan Chai Church, which was extremely popular to get a ticket.

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There is nothing I enjoy more than playing the oboe, especially when I am performing for the pleasure of an audience. I truly believe that music is a universal form of communication, and that people from all walks of life can take from fine music, something precious that could have a positive impact on their lives.

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